5 vacation plans in Algarve

As the bathing season approaches, it is synonymous with starting to look for vacations plans. Traditionally, the Algarve is a favorite place in the summer, due to its very hot climate, the entertainment establishments that reopen and the crowd of people who seek the region.

The lands of the Algarve have facilities for all types of ages, from those looking for golf tourism, adventurers or even those who simply want to enjoy their well-deserved beach holidays.

For the younger ones, who travel with friends, the usual holiday routine is to enjoy the night in bars and clubs and the day between the beach and the other diversions that the Algarve has.

The process of planning a vacation is not always the simplest, sometimes due to oversupply. So here are 5 tips for your vacation with your friends in the Algarve.

1. Best Beaches in Algarve

Praia da Quarteira

Quarteira Beach

Praia da Falesia

Falésia Beach

The Algarve has more than 130 beaches, some considered among the best in Europe, know the best choices depending on your location.


  • Beliche Beach- Located in Vila do Bispo, it is sheltered from the north winds and excellent for surfing and bodyboarding;
  • Telheiro Beach- For those who like calmer beaches and with little wind, this is the ideal one.


  • Dona Ana Beach- More touristy but considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve;
  • Luz Beach – Quiet and well located beach, with access to parking.


  • Rocha Beach – One of the best known beaches in the Algarve region, with several establishments on its side;
    Marina Beach – With access to the Portimão marina, with calm and less populated waters.


  • Falésia Beach – With an extensive sand, it is one of the most popular beaches;
  • Alemães Beach – With less urban density and more natural views.


  • Vilamoura Beach – One of the regions with the most tourist offer, located close to several night spots;
  • Quarteira Beach – Borders with Vilamoura Beach, it has several accommodations, restaurants and cafes next to it, thus making it one of the most popular;


  • Armona Beach – is located on the island of Armona. close to the Ria Formosa, it is characterized by its tranquility and unbelievable landscape;
  • Culatra Island Beach – Accessible only by boat, the sea that bathes the beach is very calm.


  • Ilha de Tavira Beach – Arrival on the island is only by boat, the place is full of nautical activities and bars next to the beach;
  • Cabanas Beach – With a long sand, the beach is usually calm and isolated.

Vila Real de Santo António:

  • Monte Gordo Beach – One of the most touristy beaches in the region, this is blessed by one of the warmest climates in the Algarve;
  • Santo António Beach – With a long sandy beach, the beach next to the mouth of the Guadiana River, this beach has calm and warm waters.

2.Sea activities

Algarve Dolphin Watching

Stand Up Paddle, Benagil – Algarve

Dolphin Watching

The Algarve coast is an excellent space for dolphin watching.

The process involves embarking on the high seas and enjoying the journey in search of this mammal, which will amaze you with its acrobatics.

A place with a lot of offer of this type of activities is Benagil, Albufeira, prices are between 25 and 35 euros.

Stand up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is an increasingly popular activity, it requires balance, in an upright position, on top of a paddle board.

The sport is practiced on the high seas and you can find offers in different places, such as Vilamoura, Sagres, Lagos.

However, Albufeira guarantees a unique experience if your visit includes a visit to the Benagil caves.

Radical Boats

The adrenaline, typical of youth, can also be expressed on the high seas.

On the beaches of the Algarve you will find high speed boats that will make you jump in the waves.


Sherry’s Irish Bar

Wild&Co Show Bar

Wild&Co. Show Bar

Located in Albufeira, the Irish pub style bar combined with an American bar features themed shows, bands, dancers and bartenders.

With close to 20 years of experience, it is considered by many to be the best bar in the Algarve.

Here you can find special cocktails, but also meat dishes.

Sherry’s Irish Bar

For those visiting Albufeira, Sherry’s Irish Bar is an already recognized social space. Since 2014 in the Algarve, the Irish come from a family with experience in the area and brought tradition with them.

Recognized for creating a unique atmosphere, this is a space to create new friendships and enjoy cool drinks on nights of intense heat.

The Irish Pub brings the area’s late nights to life with beer and lots of sports.

Dominos Bar

One of the places that is distinguished by the atmosphere and animation it creates. Dominos Bar, in Albufeira, encourages those looking to socialize and have a drink.

The place is in the old center of Albufeira and also offers the possibility to have dinner.

It is usually open every day of the summer from 7pm to 2am.

4. Night Clubs

Lick Club

Lick Vilamoura

Libertos Club

Libertos Club


Perhaps the most emblematic nightclub in the Algarve, Lick is located in Boliqueime, Vilamoura.

The nightclub stands out for its large enclosure consisting of 8 spaces, divided between indoors and outdoors.

The lick is recognized by the presence of big name artists such as Deejay Telio.

During the summer, parties are frequent, with an average price of 15 euros per party.

Dice Club

The nightclub is next to the Vilamoura Marina. This is one of the Algarve spaces that is open throughout the year and hosts parties every weekend.

The average price of each party is around 10 euros.

Libertos Club

The disco is located in Albufeira and is usually open during the bathing season.

It usually adopts a style of Ibiza nights, the prices of each party are around 15 euros.

5. Aquashow Aquatic Park

Mammothblast Aquashow

Mammothblast – Aquashow Park

Free Fall Aquashow Park

Free Fall – Aquashow Park

Dedicated to families and youth groups, Aquashow Park is located in Quarteira, and is the largest Water Park in the country.

The Park is visited by thousands of tourists and locals annually and is open from May to October 2nd.

Here you can certainly count on fun and an unforgettable day. Aquashow has attractions for all tastes and ages.

For the little ones Aquakids is a great place, or if you are more adventurous you can launch yourself in Free Fall.

For those who are in a group and like to feel the adrenaline, the famous Mammothblast takes 5 people on a buoy.

At its side, it also has the Aquashow hotel, to facilitate accommodation. The stay at the hotel includes entrance to the Aquatic Park.

Tickets are already on sale, and you can enjoy an exclusive online discount of 10%.