Aquashow Park: All attractions

Aquashow Park is recognized for the constant innovations in its attractions.

This is the largest theme and water park in Portugal, and one of the largest in Europe.

Aquashow has spaces for all ages, from the smallest to the oldest, and soon you will have news.

So, with the opening of the Outdoor Water Park, know all the attractions you can find.

Aquashow attractions for adventurers

Some of the most challenging slides in Europe are found in Quarteira, from slides for groups, as well as individual ones, which turn the head of those who venture into them.

For those who are afraid of heights, these are real obstacles, but for the bravest they are synonymous with total fun.


The Mammothblast made its debut in 2021, it is a gigantic slide that takes up to 5 people on a buoy.

The route is made in a maddening descent over 250 meters, being the biggest slide in the park.

To use it, you must be at least 1.20 meters tall.

See the adventure here.

Mammothblast aquashow park

Twin Space Shuttle

The Twin Space Shuttle consists of two capsules, yellow or red, are two individual or double buoy slides.

They are over 17 meters high and have special effects inside the slides.

These are great for a race against a friend.

You can see the hitchhiking experience portrayed on youtube by Gezen Adam.

Atividades no Algarve

Free Fall

Freel Fall is the height of adrenaline.

These 2 Aquashow slides are the largest Free Fall in Europe and start at a height of 29 meters.

Of course, you need to take a deep breath before riding it, but the fun pays off.

See the experience here.

Free Fall Aquashow Park

White Fall

White Fall takes you to high speeds quickly.

This slide has a V shape and it is necessary to use an individual buoy.

The adrenaline peak is reached right at the beginning and then we slowly go to the pool.

See the experience into Aquashow’s White Fall.

Aquashow attractions for groups

The water park is usually visited by groups and families. Thus, you have at your disposal several attractions to walk all together.

The level of adrenaline varies, but fun is guaranteed.

You can find slides, roller coasters and ohter unique attractions.

Watercoaster Aquashow

The Watercoster is an aquatic roller coaster style.

This is one of the largest in the world, and has a course of more than 700 meters.

Each carriage can carry up to 8 people and their moments are photographed.

Live the race on the Watercostar here.

Watercoaster aquashow

Top Swing

The Top Swing is a pendulum that carries up to 30 people simultaneously.

It is 12 meters high and the sensation is that it is facing gravity.

The attraction makes an angle of 110º and can only be attended by people over 1.40 meters.

Feel the adrenaline here.

Aquashow Top Swing

Air Race

The Air Race, takes up to 4 people per plane.

This Aquashow attraction guarantees you air turns and speed, but hold on tight.

It’s a unique entertainment in Europe.

Fly with the Air Race.

Aquashow Air Race

Speed Race

Veja como ganhar a corrida.

The ride in the Speed Race is about 100 meters and takes up to 6 people

The challenge is simple, win the race.

In this colorful slide, the mattress is mandatory and helps to gain speed.

See how to win the race.

Aquashow Speed Race

Speed Foams

The Speed Foams, with spaces for 6 people, are pure competition between friends.

Aquashow’s blue and white slide does not have buoys.

It’s a perfect attraction for racing and the end goal with a drop into the pool is fantastic.

Slide on the Pistam Foam with this video.

Aquashow Pistas Foam

Thunder Cruise

The Thunder Cruise, takes up to 6 people, in single or double buoys

A slide with a smaller dimension, but that promises to be the target of many races.

The descent seems light, but the final stretch is high speed.

View the experience here.

Aquashow Thunder Cruise

Atrações do Aquashow Park to enjoy

Aquashow has attractions for all tastes. For those who like calmer days, there are also several options and it is worth walking in each of them.

We usually talk about slower slides, where you won’t have to climb as many stairs to go down.

The level of fun is still high, which makes Aquashow an increasingly familiar and inclusive space.

River Slide

The River Slide, allows a fun descent in a buoy for 4 people.

Along the way, the vibrant colors of the interior liven up the atmosphere and the curves of the huge slide make it sway.

See the descent in this video.

Wild Snake e Lazy River

Shaped like a snake, the Wild Snake is one of the oldest slides at Aquashow Park.

This is 16 meters high and can be walked individually or in pairs.

The trip provides a completely dark journey, which ends in the Lazy River, where it travels 250 meters relaxed, at the rhythm of the river current.

Find out what the Wild Snake and Lazy River experience is like.

Aquashow Wild Snake

Slides 3 Aquashow

The Aquashow Tubes are 3 slides recognized by the colors green, blue and red.

These can also be called Wildness, Snail and Shell and they all start from the same point, making similar routes.

The descent in any of them is pleasant for anyone, regardless of age.

Visualize the fun through the experience of our visitors.

Shark Slide

The Shark Slide is an individual float slide.

The descent is suitable for any age and is characterized by the vibrant colors along its route. In the end, you will come out of a shark’s mouth as a winner.

Discover the experience in the following video.

Aquashow Shark Slide

Pink Slide

The Pink Slide stands out for its pink color, as well as the buoys of the same color.

The descent is done individually, in a fully closed tube.

The experience is similar to the descent on the Shark Slide.

View the experience here.

Piscinas e Jacuzzis do Aquashow Park

Aquashow Park has 4 spaces exclusively for swimming pools and jacuzzis, without any associated slide or attraction.

Initially, the outdoor Jacuzzi is located near the Thunder Cruise and is excellent for relaxing, you need to be at least 16 years old to use it.

The Swimming Pool, located under the Tubes, is a classic pool. Here you can enjoy the sun loungers, sun, rest or even train.

The Tropical Swimming Pool, located between the Jacuzzi and the Thunder Cruise, is ideal for children and games, with water falling from the rocks.

Finally, the huge Wave Pool, holds more than 1150 people and has waves every 15 minutes.

Aquashow Jacuzzi
Aquashow piscina natacao
Aquashow Piscina Tropical
Aquashow piscina de ondas

Aquashow Park attractions for children

The primacy of inclusion is one of the most important issues for Aquashow Park.

Thus, the water park has created dedicated spaces for the little ones, so that they can also have fun.

Aquakids is a space that adds fun slides and pools, ideal for children, here you can find the mini multitrack, large slide and the star tunnel, this is located near the pink slide

At Aqualandia, considered the ideal place for safe play, you will find a wider space with mini slides.

Finally, the Mini Train consists of a small carriage track, dedicated to children between 3 and 8 years old.

Aquashow Aquakids
Aquashow Aqualandia
Aquashow Mini Train

Visit Aquashow Park in Algarve

The water park is now open and ready to welcome you, in 2022 the season runs until October 2nd.

Tickets can be purchased online, where you enjoy an exclusive 10% discount.

Getting to Quarteira is easy, and the Aquashow Park has a car park for free.