Discover Aquashow Park Hotel

iIs the largest national Water Park, with unique attractions in the country and in Europe. 

It is located in Quarteira – Algarve, and has 3 reference spaces: The Water Park, the Hotel and the new Indoor Park. 

The place is visited by thousands every year, and is intended for the entertainment of families and groups of young people. 

Montanha Russa Aquashow Park Hotel


The Aquashow Park Hotel was created after Celestino Santos, an entrepreneur in the tourism fields acquired the space, in the 2000’s

With the total renovation of the infrastructure, the complex has gone through several phases over the years, such as:

  • Constant introduction of new attractions (Free Fall, Mammoth Blast, Twin Space Shuttle…);
  • Creation of a catering area, linked to the Aquashow water park;
  • Ice rinks, during the winter;
  • In 2011, the Aquashow Hotel was created, for a stay close to the water park;
  • In 2022, the creation of the only Indoor Water Park in the Iberian Peninsula.

Currently, the business is still family owned, but is managed by Celestino Santos’ children, Diana Santos and Celestino Santos, and the impressive growth has led the Park to be distinguished as one of the best Portuguese SME.

How to get there

Located on Estrada Nacional 396, Seminó, 8125-303 Quarteira-Algarve, Portugal, (see map) Aquashow Park Hotel has several easy accesses :

  • Plane –The park is located 20 minutes away from Faro Airport;
  • Buses – Rede Expresso as well as Flixbus, serve Quarteira – Algarve, departing from various regions of the country, such as Lisbon or Porto ; 
  • Private Transportation – There are many cabs, Ubers, and Bolts nearby; 
  • Personal Transportation – For those who choose to drive their own car, the is park is located next to the A22 highway and has private parking for clients.

Aquashow Park

The giant water park Aquashow can be visited by people of all ages, there are attractions and pools for the little ones as well as for the more adventurous. 

The park, usually open from May to September, and has more than 20 different spaces, many of them are unique on the European continent including attractions such as: 

  • Mammothblast;
  • Watercoaster;
  • Twin Space Shuttle;
  • Aquakids;
  • White Fall;
  • Free Fall;

Inside the Aquashow water park, you can also enjoy reptile shows (snakes, chameleons, turtles…), Bird of Prey and Macaws shows.

The park is equipped with a dining area, changing rooms, lockers, and photo services. There is also a massage and wellness area for those who want to relax, and medical support for any eventuality. 

Tickets for the Park are available HERE.

Montanha Russa
Mammothblast Aquashow Park Hotel

Aquashow Indoor

The indoor park, already recognized as a unique space in the Iberian Peninsula, is the result of a totally innovative project that will be inaugurated in 2022 and will complement the Aquashow water park. 

This venue, designed to maintain the fun of Aquashow Water Park, is open allyear-round and is located next to the main entrance of the Aquashow Park Hotel resort, and can accommodate visitors of all ages.

Some of the main attractions are::

  • Spa;
  • Tornado;
  • Black Hole;
  • Hidrorace;
  • Hidroturbo;
  • Aventure Island;
  • Childrens Pool.

It also has a hydrothermal complex focused on physical well-being and recovery that includes recovery massages, hydromassage circuits, sauna circuits, Turkish bath, among many other specialized services.

Curious? The various spaces can be seen in detail HERE

BlackHole Aquashow Park Indoor

Aquashow Hotel

The Aquashow Hotel opened in 2011, is classified with 4 stars, and is located next tothe Indoor Park and Water Park. 

It has 148 rooms, with family, double or single options, plus 3 rooms fully adapted for people with reduced mobility. 

Inside the Aquashow Hotel you will find the Charme restaurant, as well as two bars: Bar Requinte e o Bar Sensação.

And of course, since this is an Aquashow, the pools could not be missed. Outside the hotel you will always find available a pool for adults as well as a pool for children.

The hotel offers tourists other important facilities, including:

  • Games Room and children’s playground;;
  • Gym;
  • Massage Service;
  • Entrance to the Aquashow Water Park;
  • Car and bicycle rental;
  • Computer Room;
  • Souvenir Store;
  • Meeting room;
  • Luggage room;
  • Free baby bed;;
  • Room Service.
Vista Aquashow Hotel

Visit the Aquashow Park Hotel and enjoy a unique experience!