Top 5 activities to do in the Algarve

The Algarve is a great destination for relaxing on the beach but also the best for mostly water-based activities.

1. Vilamoura's Benagil Caves and Coast

The tour of the Benagil caves and coast in Vilamoura is one of our favourite summer activities.

On this tour from Vilamoura marina along the Algarve coast you can see incredible sights, such as the famous chapel of Nossa Senhora da Rocha, Praia da Marinha, Captains Cave, underwater rock, the Triumphal Arch and much more.

There are several tours available and they typically last between 2h30 and 4h.

Prices are around 30€ depending on age.


Benagil Caves and Coast – image taken from: Algarexperience

2. Jeep safari

The Jeep safari is an ideal activity for exploring the Algarve’s interior in a fun way without getting lost.

On this trip you can visit ancient villages with rustic traditions, visit local rivers and see unique landscapes.

These activities typically last between 4 and 7 hours. Prices are around 30€ per person.


Jeep Safari – image taken from: Tripadvisor

3. Kayak Adventure

If you want your first experience of rowing a boat, kayaking is the ideal activity for exploring the caves, cliffs and grottoes of the Algarve coast.

It lasts 2.5 hours and you can swim, sunbathe and relax on the nearby beaches. Prices are around 35€.


Kayak Adventure – image taken from: GetYourGuide

4. Jet ski

For more thrilling activities, you can always take a jet ski ride through the waters of the Algarve.

With a minimum duration of 15 mins and a maximum of 30 mins, have fun riding the waves while accelerating to reach high speeds on the coast. Prices are around 50€.


Jet Ski – image taken from: GetYourGuide

5. Dolphin watching

The Algarve is also synonymous with dolphins and if you want to spot them, there are boat activities that take you to the sea caves.

Lasting between 1h30 and 2h30, spend a few hours on the water to discover the marine life of the Algarve. Prices are around 50€.


Observação de Golfinhos – image taken from: BlueFleet

Other summer activities in the Algarve

In between water activities you can always take a break and visit the Algarve’s wineries, such as Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate in Estombar.

There are various activities, including the most popular, the wine tasting and art tour, which lasts 1.5 hours and costs €36 per person.


Degustação de vinhos – image taken from: Tripadvisor